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Repository of my talks/presentations


Topic Event Month
Task-Oriented Query Reformulation with Reinforcement Learning Language Understanding and Reading Group, MILA September
Machine Learning Architectures PyData Conference 2017 September
Deep Learning using Image Captioning with TensorFlow & Keras! Women Who Code July
Python for Machine Learning Women Who Code June
Question & Answer Session on Deep Learning Commonlounge Community March
Functional Programming in Python PyDelhi Conference 2017 March
Panel Discussion on state of Python in Delhi/NCR PyDelhi Conference 2017 March


Topic Event Month
Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras PyDelhi + PyData + ILUG-D + Linux Chix meetup mash December
Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras Twitter Developer Group November
Introduction to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn DigitalOcean Delhi October
Big Data Analysis using PySpark PyCon2016 September
Getting Started with Apache Spark Big Data Training Program, IIT Roorkee April
Introduction to PySpark PyDelhi March